† October Visual-Kei News/Events

Vocalist of band “D” Asagi is still on Tour!The vocalist’s band will still go on break in December. Many loving fans wonder how long this break will last.

New Visual-Kei band Xaoce introduced. Guitarist. Miya, Guitarist. Satsuki, Bassist. Rei, Vocalist. kurenai. With their metal techno-ish sound they dominate the stage and slowly race to the top. Please keep a look out for the new band “Xaoce”! Link: xaoce.com

Moi-Dix-Moi sofficial twitter reminder! Great news to all the wonderful Dixers! Moi Dix Mois has made a official twitter packed with news and official merchandise. Please give it a follow on twitter @M_d_M_Official. Keep it fellow Dixers!

Xenon Free-Will fair continues through the month of October will go on into November. Merry and Baroque are currently on sale! Please stop by if your in the Los Angeles area. 319. E. 2nd St 119 Los Angeles, CA 90012

VAMPS released iTunes ROCK CHART NO.1 ALBUM in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia!! VAMPS「BLOODSUCKERS」AVAILABLE on iTunes!! I hope all you fellow blood suckers can enjoy the album and show your support. Soon a short movie to come out too.

The lovely ROYZ did a halloween comment with upcoming band Mejibray. The two bands were together in a photoshoot room together when the comment was made. Both bands had new outfits to show everyone during the comment.

The rising band Lycaon released a newPV named 『Shadow』。This high packed PV released on Oct 22, 2014. With the very adorable Vocalist 『YUUKI』 leading the scene we see literally two sides of him. We see the lovely pink haired vocalist and at the same time we see a new black hair version of him. To all the fans who like to spice it up we hope you enjoy the new PV 『Shadow』by Lycaon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF_-TDPoNSU

Dir en grey, one of japans most popular band has released their 9th album 『Arche』. Arche is the upcoming ninth studio album by Japanese metal band Dir En Grey. The album has been set for a December 10, 2014 release date. As of August of 2014, the album was reported to still be incomplete. The contents of the album as well as the tracklist were added to the band’s website in late September.

Lastly, Jupiter the notorious Symphonic Metal band from japan has started a new tour for their album 『Arcadia』。With Zin on vocals and The two infamous guitarist Hizaki and Teru leading the scene, fans intensify their excitement for the long awaited tour. The new album 『The History of Genesis』 release date has been confirmed for Jan 7, 2015. We hope you guys can show your support and look forward to the release of the long awaited album.


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