†September wrap up and October events

Japanese Visual-Kei Band Jupiter released a new mini album named “Arcadia” with two new songs “Arcadia” and “Darkness”. Also released a music video for the single “Arcadia” that garnered 50,000+ views on Youtube and twenty plus instrumental covers by the adoring fans who’ve obsessed over the long awaited song release.

The ever popular website Metal-Archives did an overall excellent review on the mini album stating:

“Whether one, both, or neither of the tracks featured will appear on the upcoming sophomore effort remains to be seen, but if this is any indication of the caliber of musicianship to be expected, then Jupiter is standing poised to trump the Classical Element in every conceivable way”.

Link to Metal-Archive Review: http://www.metal-archives.com/reviews/Jupiter/Arcadia/452706/

Link to Jupiter Arcadia mini album: http://www.newbook.co.jp/jupiter/shop/show_unit.cgi?cart_id=&mode=all&p_sort=new

More exciting news from the elusive VAMPS (headed by charismatic front man of L’arc En Ciel) , is one of the most popular bands despite the number of albums released has gone on J-MELO, a Japanese music news show, to give some insight to their highly anticipated album Jolly Roger, which had easily sold out in many Japanese stores. “Get Away” scored 100,000+ views on YOUTUBE within the first week of its release. Tour dates to follow, still so many wish to see the beloved VAMPS in their perspective countries and for this very reason, VAMPS is one of the hottest bands of the year!

Link to VAMPS J-MELO comment: http://selfportrait7.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-278.html

METEOROID, the growing visual-kei band, has changed their style to a more dark, mysterious, and sexy look. With all eyes no this newly found band many fans are dropping their jaws to see what else they have in store. Its “Western Funeral” feel puts all eyes on the growing band. With each member wearing black the loved guitarist of the band “Machi” holds a cage with red roses and an imprisoned doll inside. The doll also has a cage in her hand wearing an extrodinary Aristocratic outfit making it the highlight of the music video. With his new flaming red hair fans obsess over the guitarist new choice of fashion.

Link to METEOROID site: http://meteoroid-web.com/

The well popular and loved Visual-Kei band DIAURA did an In-Store interview via Skype for the release of their 10th new single “Blind Message” inside Xenon Japanesque Fashion store in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Fans from all over Los Angeles came to show full support for the new growing band not inly in japan but in america. At the interview DIAURA and the fans were able to ask questions! One fan had asked the bassist Shoya “What made you decide to do Visual-Kei?”

Shoya answered “In all reality I am not sure myself. It was kinda fated upon me I think. I kinda woke up one day and I was Visual-Kei all of a sudden”. Both the members and the fans laughed as the well loved bassist explained. DIAURA mentioned the release of their single “Blind Message” and how hard they worked to get the single while at the same time putting new feelings into their music. Xenon, Japanesque Fashion store, was selling multiple copies of the single “Blind Message” and it SOLD OUT. DIAURA thanked the fans for buying not only the single but their merchandise as well. DIAURA success is growing fast along with its fan base and for this reason they are slowly making their way to the top.

Kamijo, Versailles loved Ex-Vocalist, has released his first FULL album! Fans from all over congratulate and fully support Kamijo’s new album. Keeping his same handsome aristocratic fashion style, Kamijo gains popularity averting all eyes to the Visual-Kei veteran. Being at various signings, including Tower Records, fans show love to the aristocratic icon. Kamijo’s “Heart” album was released on September 24th, 2014. With his album selling out in many stores and websites fans was put at ease when the beloved Kamijo showed up at multiple signings for his album.

Lately, here in America, J-Rock/V-Kei has become the inspiration of many bands here in america. One of which is named AkaiSky. Last month was a good month for this J-rock influenced band. “AkaiSky” gets on pandora as americas first J-Rock Influcenced band. We here at Koiai took the time to ask the guitarist for a statement and this is what he had to say

“American J-Rock is all about breaking down walls, and getting akai SKY’s music onto Pandora is just one more step. American J-Rock represents the passion of Americans who love Japanese music, and getting it out to the masses just makes our movement even stronger.”

The band being surprised by the pandora event turned all eyes to them. Akaisky breaking the music scene with this new found glory is giving others the will power to follow in their footsteps and spread the J-rock/V-kei love all over america.

Link: http://akaisky.com/cpt_news/the-first-american-j-rock-band-on-pandora/

Upcoming Events:

Xenon, California’s very first Japanesque Rock Fashion store, is holding a “Free-Will Fair” where you can come into the store and buy various limited edition merchandise from different Visual-Kei bands! The new Japanesque Rock Fashion store has had many great events for all Visual-Kei fans and the results have been phenominal. It will take place during the month of October but due to shipping issues from japan it will now carry on until November. Be sure to stop by the store and show support for your favorite bands! Store location is 319 E 2nd St #119, Los Angeles, California 90012.

Link to Page for Free-Will Fair: https://www.facebook.com/events/1501067340142673/

XENON official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xenonshibuyastyle

As halloween draws near and we get ready to put on our masks, japan’s music scene gives a little unexpected surprise. Our very loved man HYDE along with his partner K.A.Z got together to give the fans a halloween party. VAMPS in collaboration with many other bands/groups such as TommyHeavenly6, SID, MUCC, GoldenBomber, and many more to give us a month of the annual halloween live events for the month of October. In 2013 they released a PV named “Halloween Junky Orchestra” which had over 1million views on youtube within the month of its release. All eyes are on this well awaited event while fans wait on the ever-popular music video “Halloween Junky Orchestra”.

Link to official site: http://www.halloweenparty2014.com/lineup/index.html

It has been a very productive and long year for the ever-growing band VAMPS. As we all know this band has been releasing lots of singles and albums that keeps us coming back to them and this time they outdid themselves. Vampires Love is due to release September 30, 2014! This album will have a A & B side to it as well. We hope you guys can love, support, and enjoy this album from our well loved band VAMPS in the upcoming months.


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